Bring your workplace to life

A modern and flexible solution for managing every display across your enterprise. Manage Digital Signage, IPTV, Live Streaming Video, Emergency Messaging, and more in an intuitive web-based application - with the enterprise security you expect.

Digital Signage

Band provides a top-to-bottom Digital Signage solution, complete with a web-based drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create and manage your signage content in minutes.


Together with Bolt and Begin - Band provides a complete IPTV solution, including encoding, distribution, and presentation.

Live Broadcasts

With Zoom-to-Live functionality, Band makes it simple to display your live Townhall across every display or specific displays across your organization.

Emergency Messaging

Band's next-generation web-based administrative controls allow you to create emergency message templates and activate them in seconds from any device - including your phone.

Band Unites All Your Display Content.

Band's  unified display solution does the job of four tools in one - allowing you to consolidate your toolset and improve content creation and display control like never before. Web-based controls allow your administrators to control what content is sent to what display what time from any phone or laptop. And with granular control and enterprise level permissions, you don't have to sacrifice security or flexibility.

Display Control Made Easy

One Design. Any Display.

Band leverages native responsive design technology to give you the freedom to create one design that looks and works great on any display. Band displays your content exactly as you intended no matter the screen’s size, shape, or resolution.

Control Devices, People, and Content From a Single App

Band provides control over display device hardware, Bunch display endpoints, IPTV players, Smart TV's, and more.

Robust access controls provide role-based access with granular permissions for control of users as well as functional activity.

Extensive access control, network mapping, and regional rules provide precise control of where media is displayed and who can see it.

Touch or Touchless

In a post-covid world safety has become a paramount concern. Band provides 100% touchless experience for your displays by allowing users to launch apps, start meetings, and interact with display content using their phone - complete with interactive mouse and keyboard.

Band Plays Nice with the Apps you Love

The displays you use at work should support the applications you use to get work done. Band integrates with your favorite apps out of the box. Launch and command any application with your phone and set role based access to control which applications are available on which displays and by which users

Every Display is Smart

Band's Display Endpoint enables virtually any display to be integrated into the Band ecosystem. You can leverage your existing equipment and focus your investment in software instead of expensive proprietary displays. Once integrated, Band can manage and power displays across your enterprise.

Set it. Forget it.

Band provides automatic content scheduling across any group of displays with easy-to-use tools that anyone can use.

Deploy with Ease

Band deployment options include private cloud, on-premise, and private hybrid cloud. Cloud deployments are offered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) and on-premise deployments are offered as virtual or physical servers.

On-premise deployments are clustered for performance and redundancy. Private hybrid cloud deployments leverage a mix of components from both deployment models.

Battle Tested.

The world's premier financial institutions and largest fortune 500 companies trust Band to display content for all-hands broadcasts, enterprise TV, live video streams, and video on demand. With the power and scale to enable globally distributed organizations.

Digital Signage


Live and On-Demand Video Streaming

Emergency Messaging